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We know what it’s like when running your own business. It’s hard to find time to implement new technology and work out the benefits when you are juggling so many roles.  Appetite provides a one stop shop for everything Office 365 and associated technologies such as SharePoint, MS Office and automating business process  for both SME owners and support to Internal IT. We show you how they can help your business, what is possible, relevant and right. And we love it.

Work with us and we will  help you to implement a system with training and support for your business which is integrated, cohesive, secure and offers more efficient collaboration and communication. Most importantly, easy to use. This will help leave you time to get on with the things you do best.

Access to quality technology support and consultancy isn’t just for big businesses. Appetite was created to address the people needs of the SME market at an affordable rate, without sacrificing on quality and provide them what they really need.

No matter where in the world your business is located, we are ready to help.

Making technology work for you

How Can We Help?

Move Your Business To Office 365 – The Right Way
We can help your business utilize best-in-class technology to stay organized, increase productivity, and to reduce your technology costs.

I want to get the most from SharePoint

You have SharePoint online and want to maximise the value of your existing investment, integrate systems and exploit the system to its full potential. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to push SharePoint to it’s limits, we can help. From consultancy, configuration, business improvements, to creating dynamic, integrated platforms to connect the tools employees use daily. We apply the principles of Agile software development: collaborating with you throughout the process to ensure you get exactly what you need.


I am moving to/I have Office 365

Ready to start using Office 365? Did you know there is a lot more than just email?  We can help guide and  advise you, through your project, or provide support to your in-house team. From document migration from network drives or dropbox to training and support. There are many services under the 365 Brand.  We have a deep understanding of how these tools can be used together to drive your business forward. We’ll get you setup for success and help your employees become more productive.

I need IT Training & Support

You have systems in place but colleagues don’t know how to use them as best as they can. You want to deliver increased return on your IT investment, reduce unnecessary support requests, increase employee satisfaction and reduce frustration.  How does happy productive, employees focusing on their jobs not battling with the tools of the job sound? Flexible high quality business IT Training delivered by experts.

Take a closer look at our latest reviews and ratings below.


I want to automate paper based processes

Have your spreadsheets reached their limits? Finding it difficult/impossible to create an approval workflow and so many levels of sign off?  Imagine having information & data flow that empowers employees and brings increased inefficiencies to your business.  Information that can be accessed by a mobile workforce, real time data and increased customer satisfaction.  From completing a simple holiday request to managing suppliers and assets and everything in between.

I need some additional support for projects

Don’t have the resource to manage your 365 investment around SharePoint and business process development. With no “IT department” we can help take care of this for you with either a pay as you go or and for others we are a welcome supplement to reduce the burden on an internal IT team. We have plans that are easily affordable by any operational budget and can be used across all services that we provide. Think how much time that would free up so you could concentrate on your proper job.

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Simple, Smart & Supportive

Clients tell us the same thing.  They want a partnership with a provider who understands their business, communicates in plain English and helps them to understand what the technology can do for them now and how they can scale for tomorrow. Your business is growing and you need someone to help you use the tools you have invested in.  So if you think employing an in-house resource is cheaper, consider this. Good consultants think about new ways of working and  help you save money, and not just spend it.

 Here’s a few of the great reasons and promises we make to you, as a client of Appetite:

Imagine having someone on your team, without the expense of hiring someone full time. From one off projects to longer term strategies our team can work with you to suit your business objectives. We also offer support if you are “hands on” and need a little help getting “past the hump”.

We help you to get set up, show you how it works and keep you up-to-date with changes that could suit your business. We want to be an asset to your business and part of your growth strategy.

Appetite are the Only Gold Accredited LPI provider for IT Training in Scotland.

We can work with you as though a permanent member of your team, helping you to implement the technology to your best advantage. And on days, we aren’t helping you, you still have access to us online.  It can expand and contract as you need us.  What it cost’s each month depends on how much support you need and that is agreed in advance.

Solutions that fit both your budget, realise your business need and impact your bottom line.  Technology that improves how you work. All the bells and whistles is not a smart thing to do…

YES! One thing we don’t like is the technical jargon that gets thrown around by other IT companies – mainly to confuse  businesses. We’re not like that and can safely say that we are jargon free!

We have never lost the personal touch – customer satisfaction is our main objective and we will always do our very best to give you a great outcome.

We’ve been in your shoes and know what it feels like.  We have a wealth of experience and have led a number of Learning, SharePoint and Office 365 implementations and have lots of skills and knowledge to make your implementation successful.

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