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16 Tips in 16 Minutes – Microsoft Word & Promotion

18th May 2015

10% Discount of all Word Courses

Appetite for Business are proud to support Learning at Work week, and have shared 16 Tips in 16 minutes with you to help you get up to speed on some of Word’s most useful yet most under-utilised features, allowing you to save approximately 6 hours per week with the technology that is already at your fingertips.

If you have been inspired by our top MS Word Tips, as part of Learning at Work Week, we’re offering 10% discount on all our Word Courses during June on all orders places between 18th and 24th May. Appetite for Business provides learning on all Microsoft courses across the UK and Europe from open Workshops to bespoke courses tailored exactly to your business or personal development needs. From:

• Needs analysis
• One to one sessions
• Group Training
• Reviews of frequently used documents to ensure they reflect the changing operations of your business or department
• Template Building

With companies being restructured and going through cost reducing exercises, now is a good time to ensure that your people have the additional IT skills that they need in order to support these changes and become more efficient. Appetite are offering you the chance to have a free learning roadmap for your business which will assist you to:
• Identify the best learning methods if you are employing new technology or processes within your business to get the maximum ROI.
• Assist with information management direction to data analysis and corporate and project document management, we can ensure your data is in the right format, of the right quality and accessible when you need it.
• If implementing SharePoint/Office 365 provide you with an overview of how best to implement it for your business.

To find out more get in touch quoting the Learning at Work Week offer for further details. We will then contact you to arrange a consultation call.

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