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Appetite’s taste for success lands top national award.

6th Oct 2014

In October the Association of Scottish Businesswomen held their annual awards which recognises and celebrates the achievements of women leading the way across different industry segments in Scotland. Sheryl Newman, one of our directors, discusses what meaning this award means to her and for Appetite.

When it came to the final award of the evening the award for business success of the year in which I was a finalist I was both excited to hear who had won and to congratulate the winner. Just before they made the announcement my husband turned to me and asked what if you have won, what are you going to say? My response a rather resolute I haven’t won stop saying that. But he persisted what if you have, haven’t you at least prepared something? Cue momentary panic and rabbit in headlights moment!


No one was more surprised than me to hear my own name mentioned and my own photo flash on the screen. In fact, as the lady presenting the award talked further, I went through pretty much every emotion possible! I think the last time I won an award was when I was in the brownies aged 9. Completely shocked I went up onto the stage to collect my award as judge’s choice business success of the year.


So what does it mean to win such an award?


award sheryl

Appetite for Business Director Sheryl Newman receiving the award


To win against such strong national competitors is something we are very proud of at Appetite and on a personal level I’m thrilled to have won this prestigious award. As those who were at the event will know, I was overwhelmed and speechless, a series of firsts for me!


When I was first selected as a finalist for the award, although delighted to be nominated I thought (modest as ever) I was just doing the job I loved. But winning an award does make you actually stop and reflect on some of your achievements; something we don’t do very often, if at all, as we are busy focusing on the tasks and challenges in hand of running a business.


As I hadn’t prepared a speech so convinced was I that I wasn’t going to need one so I was only able to manage a few words of thanks. But I want to put that right now. Firstly, I want to thank the ASB, the judges who selected me and all those who provided further nominations of support. I really can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me, to Duncan and the great team we have working alongside us. This award success is also recognition of their hard work, talent and commitment to the business.


I also want to thank the very many people – too many to name here – who have inspired and encouraged me over the years and our customers, the real heroes, for choosing to partner with us and let us help contribute to their success. Without them I wouldn’t be doing a job I am passionate about.


So whilst I haven’t achieved international fame or stardom, I do feel a sense of achievement and pride that I have made a significant contribution to the success of Appetite, won some appreciation for the team and helped drive both our reputation and business forward. A huge congratulation to all the other worthy winners who are listed here:


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