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Do You Still Believe In Fairy Tales?

2nd May 2017


Are we too old to believe in fairy tales?

One of our favorite fairy tales when we were little was ‘The Elves & The Shoemaker’.

To summarise the tale

There once was a very experienced and highly regarded cobbler who was struggling to make ends meet – not having the have the time, the resources or the money to keep his small business in profit.

One night, his workshop was visited by two magic elves who made use of all the cobbler’s existing equipment and materials to produce an exquisite pair of shoes that the cobbler subsequently sold the next morning for a much higher price than normal to an extremely satisfied customer.

The cobbler continued to be amazed at what was being produced by these ‘magic’ elves who were simply making the most out of his own existing resources and materials.

Whatever ‘process’ being carried out during the night was making his business work better than it had ever worked before…

…it was efficient, it was streamlined, it was consistent – it was making money!

All the cobbler had to do was set out his own materials before he went to bed and in the morning – fantastic new shoes every single time.

Now, the elves weren’t doing anything the cobbler couldn’t do – they were simply showing the cobbler what was possible of being achieved. As soon as the cobbler realized this he rewarded the elves who danced off into the sunrise leaving the cobbler to reclaim his business and help it flourish once more.

Some say ‘life is not a fairy tale’  but we would disagree!

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away there was a company who were raising an average of 200 Purchase Orders per week and their existing process of using a combination of Excel, Outlook & Word within the Office 365 platform was taking an average of 15-20 minutes per Purchase Order. Although in this case this wasn’t a risk to the company – it was laborious and time consuming.

One day the company was visited by Appetite for Business and FlowForma who explained how the existing Office 365 platform could be utilized to their benefit.

After some time passed, Appetite for Business and FlowForma had helped the company to reduce that 20 minutes down to 3 minutes subsequently saving 40 hours per week – equivalent to more than a full time resource.

For the more business savvy people reading this you will probably now be doing this…


Now, Appetite for Business and FlowForma weren’t doing anything the company couldn’t do themselves – they were simply helping the company realize and implement what was possible to achieve.

As soon as the company appreciated this they thanked Appetite for Business and FlowForma. The company’s processes continued to streamline which in turn helped to boost productivity and reduce costs.

This is no fairy tale, we are no magic elves but we can help you, your business and your employees to…

…work happily ever after!


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