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Learning for the long term in your organisation.

17th Oct 2014

When you are planning on a training program, especially when in a project, it is important to consider the long term side of things. While the initial training is often planned for, little consideration is often taken for training provisions after the project has completed and the system or process becomes just another part of the job.

I have often heard people say that ‘Oh, it’s best to learn on the job and just start using the system’. Then, when I show them a simple way of doing a regular task, they are surprised that there is a much easier way of doing things. If good quality training had been provided in the first place, huge amounts of time and effort can often be saved. So while good quality, effective training may be offered at one point, if the training is not maintained there is a risk of the system being used incorrectly or ineffectively, as staff fall into bad habits and then teach those bad habits to others, and as staff work out on their own how to complete a task, but use a very inefficient means.


Regular training can also allow staff to refresh their knowledge and keep up to date on systems. With 12% of leavers citing not enough training as the main reason for moving on, providing ongoing training is also a good way to show staff that that they are appreciated. eLearning can be an effective and cost effective way of delivering such training and can also provide a good resource for staff looking for a quick answer for how to complete a task they don’t perform often, cutting down calls to a busy IT team. Implementing e-learning tools and strategies gives the potential to boost productivity by 50%.


So when you are preparing to roll out a project, take into account the long term needs for training that system to ensure the system continues to be used correctly and effectively. Figuring out an IT system by trial and error is rarely the best way to learn.

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