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Outlook: Get Productive!

29th Jun 2016

I’m putting together an Outlook eBook full of all sorts of hints and tips but I need your help…

How to stop wasting time in Outlook by someone who has stopped wasting time in Outlook.

Outlook has been at the forefront of businesses since I’ve been working as an IT Productivity Coach for the past 8 years. During this time after working across various industries and also experiencing first hand how they use Outlook and other Microsoft Office products here is the conclusion.

First of all, almost every workplace use Outlook as their email software so my mission has been to know this product inside out. After analysing how people work with it and furthermore ensuring that they are getting the most out of it and consequently allowing them to be as productive as possible while they are at work.

Due to this I have decided to collate all my hints, tips & best practices into one…eBook. It’s full of my own experiences, opinions and most noteworthy – awesome shortcuts which you probably won’t find together in any other Outlook user guides.

As a result it’s been built on what you, the users of this application, have asked me.

In addition, it’s been built on how I – an everyday user too – always want to find the smartest way to get things done.

The result

It’s almost complete but I want to an include a section sharing your best advice. Sharing is caring and here at Appetite for Business – we care. There is almost certainly  things I might have missed or maybe not even thought of so please let me know your Outlook tip and if I haven’t already written about it then I’ll be sure to not only include it but in addition I will also credit you for submitting it.

Yet while it’s not finished – here’s a sneak preview of the cover and the first page. Since feedback is a gift all feedback is welcome!



Let me know what you think of the first page and if you’d be interested in reading more.

Finally, don’t forget to please leave your most noteworthy Outlook tip in the comments below.



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