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Create & Add custom tiles to App Launcher in Office 365

6th Jul 2015

For those of you who are already familiar with Office 365, you will know just how quick and easy it is to access your email, calendars, documents, and web apps using the Office 365 App Launcher.

Traditionally, these tiles have been promoted, or pinned, to your App Launcher from the apps found in the My Apps Page or that have been downloaded from the SharePoint Store. But wouldn’t it be great if you could create custom apps and have these display in your App Launcher…now you can!
In just a matter of weeks, Office 365 will allow you to create your own custom apps that link to; SharePoint sites, external sites, legacy apps, and more. By following these simple steps you can create and pin your own custom apps to your App Launcher, therefore improving your Office 365 experience and the way with which you and your colleagues navigate around your Office 365 environment.
In the below example, a custom tile called “Appetite for Business” is used to access the Appetite for Business public website directly from Office 365:
pic 1
Tip: To perform these steps, you must be an administrator with access to the Office 365 admin centre.
Add a custom tile to the My Apps page
1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account.
2. Select the app launcher icon and choose Admin.
3. Choose Company Profile in the left navigation.
app 2
4. Choose Custom tiles.
5. Choose + to create a new custom tile.
This opens the Add or edit a custom tile window.
app 3
6. Enter a Tile name for the new tile.
7. Enter a URL for the tile (This is the location where you want your users to go when they select the tile).
Tip: If you’re creating a tile for a SharePoint site, navigate to that site, copy the URL, and paste it in this field. The URL of your default team site looks like this:
8. Enter a Description for the tile.
9. Enter an Image URL for the tile (The image appears on the My Apps page and App Launcher).
10. Choose Submit to create the custom tile (Your custom tile now appears on the My Apps page for you and your users).
To add the custom tile to the app launcher
1. Select the app launcher icon and choose My Apps.
2. Select the ellipsis and choose Pin to App Launcher.
app 4
Important: Both you and your users need to perform these steps to promote custom tiles from the My Apps page to the App Launcher.
Edit a custom tile
1. In the Office 365 admin centre, choose Company Profile in the left navigation.
2. Choose Custom tiles.
3. Select a custom tile and choose Edit tile.
4. Update the Tile name, URL, Description, or Image URL for the custom tile.
5. Choose Submit.
To delete a custom tile, follow steps 1-3, choose Remove tile and then Delete.
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