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New Windows, New Perspective During Change

17th Aug 2016

Is it time for your business to upgrade to a new version of Windows?
Is there a change coming to your business that you would like to be supported with?
If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes” then have you also considered what else comes with this change?
Have you considered what help you need to enable this process to be as smooth as possible?

Let me share a story…


I used to live in a small one bedroom, city centre flat. In the beginning it was perfect. It was fresh, new and I had everything there that I needed.

From the windows I had an amazing view of the world that I could sit in front of for hours.

Time passed and the crisp, clean interior soon became lived in and tired. I was buying new items, I was changing and the flat was struggling to keep up with my new lifestyle.

I looked at the windows and I didn’t get the same feeling as I once had when looking through them. They weren’t as clean as they could be and they were stopping me seeing the world outside in all its glory – this once amazing feature had now failed to meet my needs.

I realised it was time for change.

I looked around to see what other properties were available that would suit my needs. This would be a big decision and I had to be 100% confident before I made my final choice. Although it was a very important part of the process it was fun at the same time and that made it slightly less stressful.

I eventually found the perfect place and it had everything I needed at that moment in time. I could also see the potential for the future which was a massive selling point. Having never done something like this before, I didn’t really know where to start. What I did know though was people who had knowledge and experience of having been through this, so I spent some time with them asking about their experiences both to help me know where to start, but also to find out what they would do differently had they the need to do it again.

new windows2

What parts do I need?



I found a solicitor who talked me through the entire process from start to finish. He assured me that he would be with me at every stage along the way and even beyond, It was a brand new house so everything in it was new. The homebuilders made sure I knew how everything worked. From the central heating right down to how to put the safety chain on the front door – no details were spared. To this day I am so grateful for their time spent with me as there was nothing I was unprepared for.

I soon realised that I had my own work to do. I needed to tidy up my existing flat, decide what I wanted to transition with me, what I no longer needed and what just wouldn’t fit in with the new place. This took some time but it had to be done and would make the move so much easier. My future happiness was depending on me taking care of this task carefully. I then made sure everything was packed up securely, labelled accordingly and all that was left to be done was for it to be transported.

Handle with care

Handle with care



I had heard horror stories from people who had recently moved of things going missing, precious items being damaged. I did some research online and asked for recommendations of house movers before booking one I’d heard great recommendations about. They were absolutely the right people for the job – professional, friendly and got my “life” safely from old to new. They also went above the call of duty, exceeding my expectations by giving me a nice bottle of wine to celebrate my new home.

As I left the flat for the last time I was a little sad as I looked at the view out of the windows…

I was in my new place with all my new stuff and some (not all) of my old stuff. By taking the time to properly pack, the unpacking was seamless and everything looked so much better in its new environment. I was so excited to be there and to think about what else I could do with this new home.

A new view

A new view…




As I stood in my new living room, I suddenly found myself gazing out of the new view from the windows. These windows would now give me a much better view on the world than the old windows ever gave me…

Moving house is very much like moving from one computer based system to another. I had the right people around me to make sure everything transitioned as smoothly as possible. If you are planning a system move then make sure you have the right people by your side.

We’d love to hear about any challenges you have faced when changing to new software, systems or business processes?


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