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Office Productivity Software: Fossil Fuels or Wind Power?

11th Aug 2016

In Aberdeen we have witnessed the ups and downs of the oil industry and currently, during the latest downturn we are seeing further heavy investment in the renewable energy sector. Are you looking at your business in the same way as the energy sector is looking at their industry – are you still using old technology or are you investing in the latest tools and software to enable you to thrive in the marketplace and futureproof your business?

Aberdeen – also known as the Oil Capital of Europe – has relied on, and benefited from the oil and gas industry within the North Sea for decades.

The petroleum industry in Aberdeen began with the discovery of significant oil deposits in the North Sea during the mid-20th century. Aberdeen soon became the centre of Europe’s petroleum industry with the largest heliport in the world and an important service ship harbour port serving offshore oil rigs. The number of jobs created by the energy industry in and around Aberdeen has been estimated at half a million.

Today, reserves are still flowing fast, but the oil price is significantly lower and it has also been estimated that the North Sea is nearing or has even surpassed its peak production rate.


Fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are non-renewable. They took a very long time to form and we are using them up faster than they can be renewed. Fossil fuels are also finite resources. They are no longer being made or are being made extremely slowly. Once they have all been used up, they cannot be replaced.

Although we are not quite at the stage of the fossil fuels running out, Aberdeen continues to feel the pressure of the oil downturn…but there is good news on the horizon as it was announced recently that Swedish Energy company, Vattenfall, decided to invest more than £300mn to build Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility…

Green light for innovative offshore wind farm Vattenfall takes 100% of company behind European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre. Vattenfall yesterday decided to invest more than £300mn to build Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility.

Green light for innovative offshore wind farm:  Vattenfall invest more than £300mn to build Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility…



What are the benefits of wind power?

Wind power is a renewable energy source that emits essentially no CO2 across its life cycle, has no fuel costs and is the fastest growing source of energy in the EU. The long term benefits of renewable energy are obvious and it’s a sector that is being heavily invested in.

Energy in the news…

In a week last year where Scotland was battered with unseasonally strong winds a 17,000-tonne oil rig broke away from a tug in the early hours of a Monday morning and later ran aground near Carloway on the Isle of Lewis and there then followed the risk of a serious environmental impact…

Oil rig runs aground on Isle of Lewis after storms Read more at:

Scotsman: Oil rig runs aground on Isle of Lewis after storms:


During the same “storms” – for the first time on record, wind turbines have generated more electricity than was used in the whole of Scotland on a single day…


Scotland just produced enough wind energy to power it for an entire day

Independant: Scotland just produced enough wind energy to power it for an entire day

Is your business still being supported by “fossil fuels” or “wind power?”

When it comes to the technology you use for your business – are you using “fossil fuels” i.e. older technology that is no longer sustainable or are you using “wind power” i.e. investing in the future of your business with modern and sustainable technology?

Although older technologies and software, just like the fossil fuels, were a valuable asset to enable businesses to thrive and prosper during their peak times…


“Fossil Fuels of Technology” – Desktop PCs, fixed line desk telephones, office based servers etc.


…the world moves on…


“Renewable Energy of Technology” – Mobile devices, unified communications, cloud based storage etc.


Realizing that investments need to be made into wind power in Aberdeen to future proof the economy and ultimately – the planet – is just the first step. So, just as the energy industry looks at new and alternative sources of energy – are you doing the same with your business?

Are you making the investment in new technology to futureproof your business?

Is it time to decommission your old technology…


What it takes to dismantle an oil rig - source: BBC

BBC: What it takes to dismantle an oil rig


…and embrace the future?





If you would like to know what technologies are available to help your business then get in touch with us for a free “discovery session” to find out more.

You can read more about Office 365 solutions for your business on the Microsoft Website

You can find out more about the renewable energy projects in Aberdeen at Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group


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