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Office 2016: Insert Icons Into Your Documents – The Easy Way

6th Dec 2016

Office 2016 has introduced icon sets – find out how simple it is to to use them…

Where can I get icons for my Office 2016 documents?

Have you ever been working on a Word document and needed to insert an icon?

Have you ever been working on a PowerPoint presentation and needed to insert an icon?

Most people I’ve asked this question to tell me that they would go to Google, do a Google Image search and download one from there to insert it into their document.

Aside from the fact that they could possibly be breaking numerous copyright laws (but more on that another time) once they eventually get it in the document via saving, cutting, copying and pasting like a maniac (I’ve even witnessed a little bit of ‘Microsoft Paint’ intervention here) there is very little that can be done to edit it once it’s eventually in place.

With the latest update from Office this is a problem no more as in all Office applications there is now a new button on the Insert tab of The Ribbon:

Office 2016 Insert Icons

Simply Go To Insert > Icons

You now have the option to insert icons from a wide selection:

Office 2016 Insert IconsSelect from the icon sets

Also, once the icon has been inserted it is so simple to edit and change from the Graphics Tools tab:

Office 2016 Insert Icons

Use the Graphics Tools tab to edit the colour, design of the icon or swap it out for a different one

This will surely save a lot of time for everyone.

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