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Oil & Gas: ROI How SharePoint can take the cost out of your Operations

26th Aug 2015

With instability in the global oil market, barrel prices falling, end of field lives and exploration activities level decreasing, everyone is talking about cost reduction, becoming more efficient and expecting increased and faster ROI’s.

The Impact and Yes there is One
Constant re-organisation and staff turnover means the knowledge management factor is overlooked when dealing with systems and processes. Companies who have reduced headcount will be guaranteed to have lost key information which may result in information management suffering throughout the organisation.
Making do with systems that are no longer fit for purpose, coming to the end of natural life or having multiple systems and associated costs adds another layer of pain. “We have always done it this way”, “We have no money to spend on this” is a very short sighted view. What it will lead to is increased frustration, reduced efficiencies, poor quality and less informed decision making. It will also add more and more cost. It’s a vicious circle.
It’s about being competitive & efficient – SharePoint technology can help.
Smart organisations, know that alongside the difficult decisions, adoption of technology and working with key partners will help gain competitive edge, making your business stronger, sustainable and ready for recovery in the long term. Securing the short-term whilst retaining the capacity for the longer term. SharePoint is one of those technologies that can do this. We challenge companies to think about their processes, their organisation, and their pains so they can consider an effective system which adds value rather than complexity.
With SharePoint you can save thousands. You don’t need multiple systems, HR, QSE, Engineering documentation can all be supported which cuts the cost of additional licensing. The time it takes to get people up to speed on how the system works is also greatly reduced.
Quick wins can be achieved by using out of the box functionality that doesn’t require expensive development work. SharePoint can also integrate with legacy & other systems. We know this because a member of our team recently worked with an SME Organisation who achieved a 435% Business Process Improvement (BPI) with resultant 600K cost savings during a project lifecycle scheduled for the next 12 months.
User adoption should be key and front of centre of any planned implantation. and requires a holistic approach A poor information architecture and taxonomy can affect usage and results.


A good partner firm will help you to achieve this. SharePoint configured and rolled out properly is a cost effective and highly productive way to win in this market. In the end it’s about the delicate act of co-ordinating many moving parts.
We offer:
• full business analysis
•we just don’t deploy and go we ensure you are fully supported
•We implement structured data which helps you to retrieve your information quickly and easily through a powerful search
•We only customise where absolutely necessary. Where ever possible we configure, so you have a system that you can maintain going forward.
Knowledge Session
If you would like some independent advice, to see how SharePoint can be utilised, or if you have a interest in SharePoint for Document Management get in touch. During Offshore Europe week we are running an event on Wednesday the 9th September at Elevator with bookable one hour slots (Book Here) or call us on 01224 824111 to arrange a 1-1.

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