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Our Partners...

Combining our areas of expertise to deliver ROI, cost reduction & efficiency to our customers.

Whilst maintaining an independent status, Appetite works with technology partners to offer a carefully selected number of products which match our customers’ individual requirements.

Flow Form


Using FlowForma we can help empower our clients to achieve more across their forms, processes and data across SharePoint and SharePoint Online. Our FlowForma trained professionals maximise the workflow automation and workflow platform to help our clients get the best workflow solutions. Learn More. Get in touch for a demonstration to see the value.
Microsoft Partner


As a Microsoft Partner this ensures we deliver the best knowledge and expertise directly to our clients.
View our services to learn more We have a portfolio of customer stories to reassure new customers.

Here's what our customers think...

"Appetite delivered first class treatment from people who care and share our dream. Appetite will never rest, they are constantly looking for ways to improve and deliver a better service to the client."
"Very much a trusted relationship, professional, very cost effective & bespoke solutions created just for us."
"We have seen some real improvement that has translated into real tangible business benefits. "
"I normally have a dread of training classes, large soulless classrooms full of mixed abilities, and very generic. It was a totally different experience here. I can honestly say I looked forward to going each day to learn more. "
"Learned more in the first 2 hours attending a course at Appetite for Business than I have done previously. An excellent experience, tutor was fantastic, very helpful. Top marks!"
"I gained everything I expected to out of this training today, and more. Through the information I provided, the trainer knew exactly which areas to concentrate on for getting the best out of the day."
"Very solution focussed and I find Appetite always endeavour to give options and create something that fits what we need."
"Following our training by Appetite, we’ve seen increased productivity. We benchmarked 3 hours a day savings based on the provision of more targeted eLearning."
"Trainer was very knowledgeable and good at presenting. Very informative. I now have the tools and understanding to carry out my role."
"The experience of working with Appetite was pragmatic and trusted. The trainers were personable, demonstrated great knowledge, worked well with delegates, and were open and amenable to schedule changes."
"Great at providing practical advice and guidance on how best to meet our needs which resulted in credibility and immediate sense of trust across all our departments. "
"When we approached Appetite we were not 100% sure what we required ourselves. Appetite guided us though the process and continually kept adjusting and improving with the aim to achieve excellence. "
"Correct personnel were assigned to the project in terms of experience and know-how. Appetite offered recommendations based on best practice which helped us to put in place a far superior solution than what we had originally planned for. "
"Appetite have become recognised across my community of practice as an integral part of the journey towards continuous improvement. The work and support have been of a very high standard throughout."
"All feedback from our users, spread globally, we're positive about the quality and content of the training and floor walking support received."
"Appetite are 100% reliable and delivered every week with no issues. They are truly professional putting the client first every time. "
"Any dealings with AFB were very straightforward and hassle free. They completed the training exactly as they said they would and in the time allocated. They were a pleasure to deal with."
"We were delighted with the solutions offered by Appetite, they made us look at things in a different way and the end result is a more productive way of us working with significant cost savings. The 1-to-1 training was invaluable."
"You have a great deal of passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for your area of work and delivered an outcome which far exceeded our expectations."
"The training was extremely well presented and relevant to my role in HSE. Taught me enough to assist greatly and save time."
"The adaptability that Appetite has shown has been of greatest value. Our requirements can come in many shapes and sizes and Appetite have proven to be adaptable and flexible in their approach thus achieving the most successful outcome for our global change programme. "
"You are well looked after and nothing is ever too much trouble, best of all I achieved results far greater than what I initially expected."
"The AFB team quickly became part of the project delivery team – that was extremely important as a consistent delivery method was crucial to the success and credibility of the project."
"Highly skilled delivery, with outstanding training and communications capabilities. Really understood the business drivers and delivered exactly what was required."
"SharePoint is a new technology for us and requires a new way of working. We needed best-practice guidance on how to transfer our corporate intranet to this new platform. What we asked for was delivered within two months. Communication and information flow is much improved across our organisation as a result."
"The course content exceeded expectations in all areas. The instructor was second to none in their knowledge and meticulous detail that they went into during the course. Our staff have only had very positive comments to make regarding the training."
"The training and support we have received from Appetite has been of tremendous value to the charity. The trainer's professionalism and easy-to-understand method of training have helped us to carry out our own marketing tasks much more efficiently and effectively. This has saved us a lot of money."
"Rapidly gaining the trust of the team and engaging them fully you showed a lot of commitment and creativity in the way you communicated the possibilities that the technology offered, and dogged determination in the way you found solutions to the many obstacles we faced."
"I felt comfortable, very unintimidating, and I really enjoyed the training and training style."
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