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Top 10 Microsoft Office Webinars

5th Aug 2016

What’s the best Microsoft Office webinar?

Here are my favourite webinars from this series.

Where can I watch Microsoft Office webinars?

The live webinar series from Microsoft is quite extensive and you can view the edited recordings on their site.

Each webinar page has many links to the references talked about in the webinar.

What’s the best Microsoft Office webinar?

Here are my favourite webinars from this series.

Top 10 Office webinars


10 – PowerPoint: What is Office Mix?

Create online lessons with video, websites and text with this amazing tool…


9 – Great Office Timesavers: Top 10 Office Shortcuts

This is a webinar-style talk given at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square.

8 – Outlook: Tips for Outlook Search

CTRL+E is the first tip for search. But there’s other tricks too. Join to learn timesaving tips for searching in Outlook.


7 – Office: Top 10 Copy and Paste Ninja Moves

There’s a lot more than Ctrl+X and Ctrl+Y for cut-and-paste in Office. Learn these moves.


6 – Word: Creating Forms in Word

Locking fields, customizing, and using a template to create forms.




5 – Project: Get Started with Project

We’ll demo the basics of Microsoft Project so that you can get a project done on time, on budget, and hopefully stress free too.


4 – Excel: Understanding Power Pivot

Power Pivot lets you import massive amounts of data from different sources and mash it together to create useful reports. Now that you have started in, lets show you more.


3 – Word: Why use Styles in Word

The benefits include moving large sections, changing looks instantly, and building a table of contents.


2 – Office: Waterfall of Office Tips & Shortcuts

Get ready to be bowled over by a huge flood of awesome tips and tricks that’ll save you gobs of time.


1 – Office Online & OneDrive: Starting from scratch with Office Online

Dave has an iPad, Doug has a PC. In 15 minutes we’ll show you how we go from a Gmail email address to having a shared document online.

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