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Train to Retain

10th Nov 2014

Appetite has recently won contracts for significant amounts of bespoke training for the legal sector in the North East. We’re busy and that’s always good for our business. But what are the benefits of what we do, for other companies?

Think of it as ‘training to retain’. In your business, your staff are your single biggest investment and we believe that the investment in training made by any company is akin to making sure your house is wind and water tight. It is vital.


Last year a study in the Harvard Business Review pointed out that there was gap in career development, with training expectations not being met. Sadly not investing in your staff often leads to staff leaving for greener pastures.


Technology evolves. It changes, sometimes in a minor way, sometimes in a major way. It is these small changes that can make a huge difference to the way your staff works. Properly taught staff can save your company serious money. Nowadays everyone from toddlers to OAPs has access to the latest technology, whether they choose to use it or not. Sadly this often means that employers think that everyone and anyone can use the latest tools straight “out of the box”. Employers make the basic mistake of giving their staff the latest computers and the latest software without equipping them with the knowledge and skills of how to use them.


Appetite trainers are met with end users very real fears of technology. ‘Many people are genuinely terrified of breaking it,’ tells our trainer, ‘We often find that once we get into a class, people relax and start to enjoy themselves. Often it is the little things I can show them which have the most impact. Improving employees’ knowledge raises confidence levels and makes them more willing to try new things.’ The cost of not training is tangible. Untrained staff have lower productivity, they waste time trying to get programmes to work and interrupt other staff constantly trying to get advice on how to do things. Appetite statistics show that trained staff can save companies 30 minutes per day in wasted time. That’s a massive 17 days a year and that’s per person. Just imagine what your business could achieve with an extra 17 days a year. Appetite trainers have experience in all Microsoft Applications and are eager to share their knowledge with your staff. Please get in touch if we can help you with your business training needs.

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