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Microsoft, Adobe and Bespoke IT Training Solutions

We love learning about you, about your project, about your organization. It’s what we do and what we’ve always done.

Appetite provides a full service to create the course and deliver the training for your people. For some it’s a single course to improve productivity.  For others support for rapid growth or resolving issues with systems and business processes that aren’t being utilized or fit for purpose.

We have plenty of learning solutions to suit both time and budget constraints. We offer training on Microsoft Office and related software, SharePoint, Adobe Creative Suite and other bespoke training as required. All designed to empower you to be the best you can be. Imagine no more wasted hours and no more staff paralyzed by the latest technology.

All of which makes those magical a-ha moments happen much more often. For everyone.

5 years continuous Gold accreditation by the Learning & Performance Institute allows us to understand and solve your user experience issues and guarantees your users will love what we do too.

Microsoft & Adobe IT Training Courses

 Training guaranteed to increase productivity by at least 60 minutes a day.

Technology is just a facilitator, it is people who deliver value and results for an organization. Only by putting the technology into the context of people who will use it day in, day out, will you achieve the level of engagement you need to drive return on investment

We are committed to helping clients get the most from Microsoft & Adobe technology whether on PC or a MAC.  And our Learning & Performance Accredited Learning offerings include comprehensive resources and services to help build skills and integrate them into working life so that it engages users more deeply. All levels, all versions, and yes you can pick and mix the chapters from any of the levels to create your own course and timings. Provided at your offices, onsite at Appetite or online.

Get in touch to discuss how we can best help you.

Windows 10 Essentials

Office 365 Conversion

Office 2016 Conversion

IT Essentials

Getting to know your PC

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft One Note

Skype For Business

Adobe Creative Suite

Content Management Systems


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How Eisai is Driving Digital Skills Through the Organisation

Digital Skills adoption look at how companies investing in IT skills training has brought value to the organisation.


Your Documents Are Losing Your Company Money

Our Staff Don’t Need Word Training! Yes they do – your documents could be losing your company money!

Training for Groups & Organisations

We’ve created programmes to deliver training that fits in with how you work and learning resources to build skills and confidence and unlock the potential of products and keep you inspired.  Delivered through a blend of different channels, including face to face, supportive e-learning, collaboration tools and live online sessions.

Software Upgrades

Whether you are upgrading to a new version of Windows or Microsoft Office, migrating from Lotus Notes to Outlook or implementing SharePoint as your information management system, we can offer you a complete service from start to finish to ensure your business is operating at optimum efficiency.

Although designed to be intuitive, implementing new software without training and a clear understanding of how the software can help their role can be challenging.  users can often experience a loss in productivity and output during the first 3 months of the change.  We can help from learning strategies to floor walking, to telephone support.  whatever meets your needs – or the different needs of your people.

By focusing on the users real working requirements, we not only enhance the user experience but maximize productivity in the shortest time possible and deliver more profit to the bottom line.

Bespoke or In-House Software

If you are implementing upgrades to standard or bespoke system software and you require rapid adoption by your staff, why not enlist Appetite as your training resource. We have a proven track record with managing or supporting major applications, systems and business processes upgrades.

We can take care of everything from change management to the end user training, enabling you to continue to focus on the most important aspects of your business. We also have experience of training offshore.

Learn at your Desk

Our experience in developing and delivering both quality online and face to face training makes us ideal to work with you on a blended learning solution. It means you get the best of both worlds: a learning mix that fills any gap and reaches every single one of your users.

Our eLearning solutions are created to your organisation’s needs. If you have content that has already been created, we can bring this to life – If the learning does not yet exist yet we can work with your subject matter experts to develop content that not only meets the needs of your organisation, but the needs of your learners too.  Whether it is eLearning to raise awareness or deliver training of a subject, product or process (such as compliance, health and safety, induction) we can help you create content to engage and challenge your learners whilst ensuring the messages or learning are embedded.

Learn Live Online

Join our virtual classes and learn from anywhere

Book us to deliver Live Online Interactive learning for Microsoft Office – get all your staff trained no matter where they are, all training is delivered by COLF certified trainers and conforms to the standards of The Learning and Performance Institute. Convenient, secure and cost effective and designed to solve your specific problems.

Our sessions are never pre-recorded. Our goal is to give you an excellent and interactive learning experience just as you would expect from any of our face to face events. Any part of our normal course content will be designed to suit.

Please contact us to discuss your needs 01224 824111