TRAC International – Empowering a Diverse Workforce

TRAC International

Empowering a Diverse Workforce

Known for delivering unrivalled service provision and efficiency through innovation, whilst ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental stewardship are maintained, the TRAC International Group provides engineering products and services across a variety of key business sectors.


The Solution

The successful development of TRAC’s collaboration platform that helped employees organize, find, and share relevant information rapidly and securely led TRAC to realise the potential of Office 365 and SharePoint Online. TRAC quickly identified that their internal processes, in particular their purchase order process, whilst structured, was very manual and therefore open to error. Appetite for Business was set the challenge to automate what was a very manual, labour intensive process…FlowForma was used to achieve such a requirement.

“With over 200 purchase orders raised per week, the introduction of FlowForma enabled us to reduce processing time by up to 15 minutes per purchase order, therefore saving us on average 50 hours per week!”

The Result

Process Improvement

It was important to TRAC to control how information was presented to the employee. FlowForma was used as it not only provides administrators with the ability to govern and control permissions, but also allows information to be targeted based on user roles, so that only relevant information is presented to the employee.

Increased Productivity

FlowForma’s in built workflow, coupled with email and document generation capabilities, provided TRAC with a fully automated purchase order process. The result, an 80% improvement in time taken to raise, approve and generate a purchase order.

Rapid Deployment

The nature of the FlowForma app provided the perfect environment for the ‘disruptive’ methodology to be adopted. The approach allowed the automated purchase order process to be deployed in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or even months had a traditional methodology been adopted.

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