Our Staff Don’t Need Word Training...

Oh really! Do you realise your documents are losing your company money?

I experience it all the time when people attend training Courses and I ask them about using Microsoft Word in their job role…

‘Do you use Microsoft Word?’

‘Yeah, everyday’

‘Have you been on a Word Course or will you be coming on one?’

I then get various answers ranging from…

‘used it for years – I‘m fine with it’


‘it’s just writing isn’t it, anyone can do that!’

Excel is always the most popular course, which I am fine with, if a company feels that they should prioritise Excel training that’s their decision…

After all – they will need to know how to use Excel properly so they can calculate how much money they are losing due to the fact that they can’t using Word properly, won’t they?

How long does it take to format a document?

I’ve witnessed it first-hand, many times – employees whose job it is to ‘work with documents’ spending hours sometimes even days on formatting tasks that should really be taking minutes.

A typical example recently – a new numbered clause is to be inserted into a large document, the document is manually – yes manually numbered This meant the entire document needed to be re-manually re-numbered. Stepping in and showing this person some quick tricks saved them hours. This process should be taking seconds.

It’s not their fault. They are making use of an application that they have not received any training on how to use it properly.  At the end of the day (a long day) they can achieve the end result of creating a document that ‘looks ok’. Lots of things ‘look ok’ on the outside but when you ‘lift the lid’ it tells a whole other story. My pre-owned car looked ‘ok’ until it needed an MOT…

Would you trust an untrained mechanic to fix your car?

Companies are giving their cars to un-trained mechanics in an effort to keep an eye on costs.  These un-trained mechanics are then spending too much time ‘tinkering’ with the cars until they ‘look ok’  and putting them back on the road again. Luckily, poorly formatted documents don’t kill people, but the bottom line is they can contribute to killing your profit margins.

The employee isn’t to blame. Because they have not been provided proper training by their employers, as a result their employers are unknowingly actually losing money. This is due to the fact that their staff aren’t being as productive as they should be when working on company documents.

Have I got your attention yet? Look for yourself – there are all sorts of reports out there and here’s one I came across recently which gives the general idea. It’s from 2007 but, in my opinion  it’s still just as relevant. Possibly the only thing that’s different is the fact the losses are even bigger in 2016!

Click the image to see the full article…

Many of you reading this may be experts in Word.

I love meeting people on courses who can show me a thing or two. I’m the first to admit I don’t know everything.

So, are you using Word to its full potential? Share your best practices with us – we love learning too!